What backgammon rules do you play?

We follow the standard international conventions – standard starting position, use of the cube, gammons and backgammons, use of dice cups to roll.

What are the advantages of the round-robin format?

Standard 'knock-out' tournaments can be very frustrating.
You must arrive on time - no guarantee you’ll be able to play.
Different people prefer to play for different amounrts.
Long waits between matches. Half the players are eliminated in the first round.
One loss and bang! you're gone!
Often doesn't finish so you have to come back and hope your opponent shows up.

Our round-robin format solves all of these problems.

I’m not an expert - can I play?

We have short and to-the-point guides that will get you playing in no time.
These guides cover the essentials you need to know while you build up some experience.
We are happy to provide any coaching and explanations that you need.

How much do people play for?

We offer a variety of tournaments, depending on who turns up on the night.
The round robin tournament has a 'free' option so you participate fully for zero $.
Other options range from $10 to $50, or more if there is demand.

Can younger people (under 18) play?

Free admission for under 18s. Bring your kids!

Meal options.

The Arcadia offers a range of excellent meals, and of course a full bar.
Players & friends meet for dinner from around 6.30pm.
The Arcadia kitchen is open until 10pm.




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