What backgammon rules are used?

- standard starting position
- use of the cube
- gammons and backgammons
- use of dice cups to roll.

(Standard international tournament rules)

Our special tournament format.
Our unique and very popular tournament format ensures you play many different opponents, playing as many games as you want when you want.

Compare our tournament with others you may have entered.

- flexible arrival time - no need to arrive by a given time to register
- minimal down time - no hanging around waiting for a long match to finish
- we guarantee you’ll be able to play - no more "too late entries are closed", "tournament full", etc
- no-one is knocked out, you play the whole time win or lose - no getting knocked out after one match
- come and go as you like - you won't disrupt the tournament if you take a break. 

I’m new – will you help me?
We have concise, clear written guides that will get you playing in no time.
Our experienced members are always happy to explain and advise.

Can I play for money

Can I enter the tournament for free?

Can younger people (under 18) play?
Yes. Bring your kids! Free entry! Tournament finishes at 10 and you can leave earlier.

What money prizes are on offer?
A few important points to note here...
Money and non-money players enjoy exactly the same status.
You are welcome to play for free (ie $0 tournament entry).
You can also play for either $10 or $30.
100% of the entry money is paid out in prizes.

Does the Arcadia serve meals?
Yes. Beautiful venue. Extensive menu. Bar.
Players & friends meet for dinner from 6.30pm.

Does the Club charge admission?
$5 admission.   Under 18s - free. First visit - free. Watchers - free.


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